Primula Flower Gifts


Primula come in many different sizes and petal shapes

Other Names: Cowslip, Primrose,

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Ericales
Genus: Primula


Descriptions: Primula has tufted basal leaves with showy pretty flowers in clusters.

Size: Primula is a low growing plant that is typically 2 to 12 inches tall. Some primula species will grow up to 40 inches.

Symbolism: Primulas symbolize first love.

Grow Details: Primulas are moderately easy to grow.

Grow Details

Soil Type: Varied - Sandy, Clay, Loam
Soil PH: PH 6.0-7.5
Water: Moist
Light: Part Sun or Filtered Sun Preferred
Grow Zone: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Height: Primula is a low growing plant that is typically 2 to 12 inches tall.
Flower Colors: Purple, Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink, White
Propagation: Primula can be propagated through division.
Blooming Period: April to May

Type: Annual or Perennial

Herbal Remedy Properties: Wine made from Cowslip (Primula), was used as a sedative.

Native Area: Primula are native to the temperate areas of the Northern Hemisphere.

Other: Primula is named for the Latin word Prime meaning "first" because it is one of the first Spring flowers to bloom.

Primula Flower Gifts

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