Lilac Flower Gifts

Lilacs are deciduous shrubs or small trees, ranging in size from 210 m tall, with stems up to 2030 cm diameter. Lilacs are popular shrubs in parks and gardens throughout the temperate zone. In addition to the species listed above, several hybrids and numerous cultivars have been developed.


Lilacs are flowering shrubs.

Other Names: Syringa, Queen of Shrubs, Blewe Pipe Trees, Prince's Feather, Duck's Bills, Spanish Ash,

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Lamiales
Tribe: Oleeae
Genus: Syringa


Descriptions: Lilacs have aromatic cone-shaped full blossoms made up of smaller flowers.

Size: Lilac bushes grow from 3 to 30 feet tall.

Symbolism: Lilacs symbolize maturation. Lilacs symbolize first love, youthful innocence and emotions.

Grow Details: Lilacs have showy blossoms the bushes are easy to grow, and require minimum care.

Grow Details

Soil Type: Fertile Well Drained Soil
Soil PH: PH 6.0-7.5
Water: Standard
Light: Full Sun to Part Sun
Grow Zone: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,


Height: Lilac bushes grow from 3 to 30 feet tall.
Flower Colors: White, Lavender, Magenta,
Propagation: Lilacs can be propagated through cuttings and seeds.
Blooming Period: Spring to Summer

Type: Perennial Shrub

Herbal Remedy Properties: Lilacs have a calming effect, that encourages relaxation. In the past, lilac was ingested to rid the intestines of parasitic worms, and to treat malaria. Modern homeopathic herbalists use the essential oil of lilac to treat skin ailments such as rashes, sunburns and minor cuts and scrapes.

Native Area: Lilacs are native to Europe and Asia.

Other: Lilac is the State Flower of New Hampshire.

Lilac Gifts

Lilacs flower on old wood, and produce more flowers if unpruned. If pruned, the plant responds by producing fast-growing young vegetative growth with no flowers, in an attempt to restore the removed branches; a pruned lilac often produces few or no flowers for one to five or more years, before the new growth matures sufficiently to start flowering.


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