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Lupins or lupines are the members of the genus Lupinus in the legume family. The genus comprises between 200 and 600 species, with major centers of diversity in South America and western North America, in the Mediterranean region and Africa.


Lupine is an herbaceous perennial that are members of the legume or pea family.

Other Names: Large-leaved Lupine, Big-leaved Lupine, Garden Lupin, Wild Lupine, Lupin, Blue Bonnet,

Scientific Classification:

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Fabales
Subfamily: Faboideae
Tribe: Luppineae
Genus: Lupinus


Descriptions: Lupine have spike flowers similar to sweet-pea, and star-like foliage.

Size: Lupines grow up to 4 feet tall.

Symbolism: Lupine flowers are symbolic of imagination. Lupine represent voraciousness, and admiration.

Grow Details: Lupines are moderately easy to grow, in the right conditions.

Grow Details

Soil Type: Well Drained Loose, Sandy Soil
Soil PH: PH 6.5 - 7.0
Water: Moist
Light: Full Sun
Grow Zone: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Height: Lupines grow up to 4 feet tall.
Flower Colors: Purple, Pink, White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Bi-Color
Propagation: Propagate lupine by seed.
Blooming Period: May to June

Type: Annual or Perennials

Herbal Remedy Properties: Lupine is poisonous, particularly to sheep and horses. A drug, however, has been extracted from the lupine plant that is used for cardiac arrhythmias.

Native Area: Lupine is native to western North America.


Lupine Gifts

The species are mostly herbaceous perennial plants 0.3-1.5 m (15 ft) tall, but some are annual plants and a few are shrubs up to 3 m (10 ft) tall - see also bush lupin -, with one species (Lupinus jaimehintoniana, from the Mexican state of Oaxaca) a tree up to 8 m high with a trunk 20 cm (8 in) in diameter
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