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Organic Pesticides and Fungicides

Organic Pesticides and Fungicides

I get a lot of question about organic pest controls. Everything from organic weed killers (there is such a thing) to vicious predatory ladybugs can be used to protect your plants from pests. The key to going organic is preparation and prevention. For example: Weed out all the poorly performing plants in your garden. These are the ones that will provide the foothold for pests. By eliminating the struggling rose under the oak tree and reseeding your lawn with a tougher lawn mix you are allowing the plants to do most of the work for you.

In the summer mulch all flower beds heavily with humus bark or compost. Putting a two inch layer will knock out 99% of all your weeds and protect the plants form heat stress during the summer.

Set a consistent cleanup schedule. By preventing dead and decaying plant material from collecting on the ground you eliminate many of the places that disease lay dormant during their "off" season. Give yourself an hour or two at least once a month. It is important to avoid composting any plant material that you suspect of carrying a disease as otherwise you are risking its spread throughout your garden in the compost.

Fertilize consistently. A vigorously growing plant can fend off many attacks. Either use a slow-release fertilizer that you can apply a few times a year or set a schedule of fertilizing every 4 to 6 weeks.

Dig up sick plants transfer to large pots and move to a protected location. Often such plants will benefit from the new location and be re-envigorated from fresh soil fertilizer and increased attention.

Evaluate the plants in your garden to see that they are performing well. Go out with a notepad and keep track of how certain plants are performing throughout the year. If a plant does not seem to be suited to your garden replace it with something better.

Pick native species for your garden. Obviously this won't work for roses and fruit trees but by choosing natives and adapted species for your garden you will have to spend less time keeping your plants healthy and more time enjoying your garden.

Get beneficial "pets". Box turtles will eat slugs and snails for you allowing you to avoid dangerous snail baits and unappetizing traps. You can encourage owls to move into your yard with special-built houses.

Set a healthy watering system. This can change depending on your rainfall average temperatures and soil types. Do not set sprinkler timers to water daily for 5-10 minutes at a time. This drowns the top 2-3" of soil causing rot to set in while at the same time leaves everything deeper than 4-8" dry as a bone. It is much better to soak the area for hours at a time then follow up a week later.

In hot areas misting plants will help protect them from heat stress. When coupled with a thick mulch and deep watering any yard should be able to withstand 100F for quite a while.

Suggested products widely available:

Dyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil
7-9-5 [N-P-K]

Neem Oil is pressed from seeds of the Neem tree and has been used for centuries as a safe and effective growth regulator and anti-feedant for more the 200 insect pests. It is nontoxic to humans birds mammals and beneficial insects. Good for existing infestations and for prevention both on contact and as a systemic.

Rotenone Pyrethrums and All-purpose Organic Insecticides are easy to use and relatively mild and safe. All ingredients are derived from plants.

Liquid Copper Fungicide is much safer to use than most other available fungicides and it works on most commonly found harmful fungi. We suggest diluting to one-half the recommended concentration.

Snail & Slug Pit is a trap which you bury in the ground to the rim. Just fill with beer then empty out the dead snails. Within a short period of time you'll have noticeably less snails and slugs.

Ladybug Lures contain kairomone to attract and keep ladybugs in your garden. Great for roses and many ornamental fruits and vegetables.

Fly Scoop is a simple effective indoor fly trap. No chemicals or pesticides. Attach the trap to the inside of any window then empty out the dead flies. These traps can be used over and over.

Diatomaceous Earth [DE] dries up crawling insects within 48 hours. Safe for use around children and pets. Remains effective as long as powder is present.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control is a natural pre-emergent herbicide made from corn protein. Nontoxic and safe to use around people

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