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Q. We have a problem with chipmunks in our yard. They dig holes all over the yard. No matter what we do they just find another place to dig! Do we have to kill them to get rid of them?

A. They are cute furry creatures but unfortunately they can be destructive when it comes to garden and landscape plants. Both ground squirrels and chipmunks are burrowing animals. Their burrow entrances are always open unlike those of pocket gophers who plug theirs with soil. In addition there are no mounds of soil at burrow entrances as there are with pocket gophers.

Ground squirrels and chipmunks can be seen foraging for food during the day. Although primarily vegetarians chipmunks will eat insects and lizards. In nature they feed on green leafy material during the summer and switch to seeds and grains during the fall and winter. However if you have winter gardens of flowers and vegetables they will not hesitate to devour them as well.

The first step in preventing garden damage from these little critters is to make your yard less appealing to them. This means eliminating any sources of water and incidental food such as seed from a bird feeder or open dishes of dog food. Fix any leaks in garden hoses and attachments. Drain fountains and cover garden pools with wire mesh. Eliminate any standing water that may have collected in pots and saucers bottles tires or other materials that might hold water. Fencing can be used to protect garden beds and individual plants. Keep in mind however that ground squirrels and chipmunks are good diggers and climbers. You'll have to line underneath garden beds with a layer of wire mesh fencing with one-half inch openings. The top of the bed also should be completely covered with one-half inch wire meshing. An alternative to a complete cover is to construct a perimeter fence and attach a 24-inch-wide band of sheet metal to the top of the fence.

Chemical taste or odor repellents are generally not effective against ground squirrels and chipmunks. However some success has been reported by spraying burrows and plants being damaged with cayenne pepper or Tabasco. Ready to use taste repellents containing capsaicin the active ingredient in peppers can be purchased at garden and hardware stores.

Trapping is also an effective method of control. Squirrel-sized "Have-a-Heart" cage traps can be purchased at hardware stores. The best baits to use for ground squirrels and chipmunks are peanut butter oats bacon and apple slices. The cage trap should be placed near the entrance holes of burrows or other areas in the yard frequented by the animals. Locate the cage on flat ground to avoid motion when the squirrel or chipmunk enters. Also the cage will be more inviting if the floor is covered with dirt to hide the wires. Check cage traps frequently. Leaving a trapped animal out in the sun and away from water for too long will result in an inhumane death. Relocate the trapped animal to an area in the countryside a minimum of five miles away from your home.

Smoke cartridges can also an effective means to control ground squirrels and chipmunks. Spring is considered the best time for burrow fumigation. Smoke cartridges should be lighted and inserted down into the entrance holes. Soil should then be used to cover the holes. If you notice smoke coming from the ground in other locations you have found more entrance holes that must be covered to keep the smoke in.

Finally if these methods fail consider putting out some cracked corn. By providing them an appealing alternative food source they might just leave your garden alone!

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